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I would like to make changes to my house or yard, so what do I need to do?
There is a formal process by which to obtain the necessary approval for any exterior improvements to your home or yard. Improvements include, but are not limited to: decks, pools or spas, screen enclosures, solar heating panels, fences, painting, storm shutters or landscaping of more than 100 square feet.

If you plan to make improvements contact Camilo Clark, CAM at Wise Property Management Services. You can download our Architectural Review Committee form here.

Note: You do not have to seek approval to maintain or replace any existing approved exterior condition. For example, you don’t need approval to repaint the same color but you would need approval for a different color.

How can I get a copy of the deed restrictions?
They are part of the covenants, conditions and restrictions listed in the HOA documents. You should have received a printed copy at the time of the closing on your house. You can also view and download a copy here (pdf).

How do I report a violation of a deed restriction?
All violation complaints must include a description of the violation, the address of the violation, and the time(s) and date(s) seen. A digital photo is helpful in recording the nature of the violation.

Reports of violations of either the Twin Lakes covenants, conditions & restrictions or of the Twin Lakes Rules and Regulations may be made to Camilo Clark, CAM of Wise Property Mangement services

Where do our maintenance and special assessment fees go?
The HOA uses the money it collects to meet its day-to-day financial obligations, including but not limited to: repair of vandalism, utilities, taxes, permits, licenses, lake treatment, electricity for street lights, common area landscaping and maintenance, the operation and maintenance of the pool, management and accounting costs, insurance, non-collections-related legal fees, newsletter printing and postage, annual meeting expenses, rules enforcement expenses and to fund reserves.

I want to get involved in the community, what can I do to help?
The HOA relies on the contribution of countless unpaid hours by board members, committee members and other volunteers. You can volunteer to be on one of our committees, or if there is a position open you can volunteer to be on the board of directors.

How can I contact the Board of Directors?
To contact the board send an email here.

How can I obtain a pool key FOB?
To obtain a pool key contact the management company. There is a fee
(apx. $ 20) associated with issuing key FOBs.

How can I get a pothole filled?
The best way to report potholes, or road and bridge repairs, is to file a Service Request with the Public Information/Consumer Affairs Department at (727) 847-8110 or (352) 521-4206. 

How do I report a street light that is out?
Contact Duke Energy and fill out the on-line form.
To report a power outage call (800) 228-8485.
To contact customer service call (800) 700-8744.

Trees: It is a Pasco County regulation that all trees on streets serviced by any emergency vehicles will be at least 15 feet from the surface of the street to the lowest branch. This includes all streets in Twin Lakes. The management company has been told by the county that they will trim the trees when requested by the owner.

Any tree on a resident’s lot is the responsibility of the home owner and must be trimmed in accordance with the county regulations. Residents should call 727-847-2411 to request trimming.

How do I report trespassers or illegal activity on adjacent property?
For the Cypress Creek wetlands that border our subdivision to the north and east, contact Jeffords Miller, Senior Land Use Specialist, with the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD). Jeff can be reached at 1.800.423.1476 ext. 4463, or by email.

For the undeveloped land that borders our subdivision to the SouthEast, from roughly Tioga Dr. towards highway 54, contact the 1986 Revocable Pourover Trust of Lena Ruth Aiken, 906 Barnett St. NE, Atlanta, GA. 30306. By phone contact Trustee Annette Kerlin McBrayer at 404-923-9045 during business hours or 404-876-3228 in the evening.

Is it ok to dump yard debris on Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) property?
Dumping yard debris on SWFWMD property is violation of law and not allowed.  Homeowners will be sited by SWFWMD if they are found to be dumping debris on any conservation area.

Beware of alligators. Residents have reported seeing children fishing and swimming in the retention ponds. This may be a very hazardous situation as alligators frequently move from pond to pond and may catch children by surprise. Also, while swimming in warm freshwater, if the Naegleria fowleri ameba enters the body by traveling up the nose to the brain, it can destroy brain tissue. So please do not allow any children to swim in the ponds.

Pool Access: We do not have a public pool! It is for owners, tenants and guests. Residents pay for the maintenance and upkeep of the pool with their quarterly dues. After 10 p.m. trespassers are subject to arrest. If you see someone jumping over the fence please call the sheriff’s office dispatcher at (813) 929-1204 or (813) 996-6982 and report the trespassing.

Lot Maintenance: The board is encouraging residents to wash home exteriors, clean driveways, roofs and mailboxs to stay in compliance with our deed restrictions. Please remove any algae from stucco walls and roofs, weed the yard, trim the hedges, paint and make home repairs. If you want to make significant changes please fill out and return an architectural review form.

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